Zionist lobby groups have been engaged in a long running camapign to
demonise the powerful Palestinian rights campaigns on University of
California campuses. They have been fighting back against powerful divestment
campaigns at UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley and
UC Riverside; a BDS vote in the Student Workers UAW trade union branch;
and camapigns in support of professors under attack for support of Palestinians
at UC Santa Barbra and elsewhere.

While the lobby groups have fallen short of getting the full EUMC
of antisemitism included in the policy document, they
have succeeded in gettng a false and damaging equation of anti-semitism
and anti-zionism inserted.

Zionists in the US, as well as in the UK and many other countries,
know htey have lost the arguments about the illegality and inhumanity
of the Israeli regime and are determined to prevent open discussion.
To do this they have demonstrated they will abuse both political and
judicial processes.

intolerance policy goes dangerously astray on anti-Semitism

LA Times Editorial Board
Isn’t a ‘Form of Discrimination,’ and It’s Not anti-Semitism

Rabbi Brant Rosen, Ha’aretz