We invite all UK based academics to sign this commitment and
we invite academics world wide to initiate similar commitments
in their own countries

  • Go to the Commitment
    , and add your name;
  • Argue for the importance of using this commitment
    to show our solidarity with Palestinian academics, and all Palestinians,
    under occupation and siege
  • Forward the link to the Commitment website
    to all academic members of your department, and to all your
    academic lists;
  • Circulate the Commitment, and the invitation
    to add names, as widely as you can in your university;
  • Ask your UCU Branch Committee to circulate
    the statement and the invitation to all members – this is within
    current UCU policy;
  • Organise a campus meeting
    on the Commitment later this term or in the spring, contact
    BRICUP or the Commitment
    to request a speaker.