BRICUP also stands against the smearing of critics of Israeli state policy as ‘anti-semites’ or ‘self-hating Jews.’

Indeed, Israel has sought to convince the world that it is supported unconditionally by world Jewry; however this claim is under renewed challenge. Within Europe the international organisation of European Jews for a Just Peace and within the US the call for university disinvestment initiated by Jewish academics say ‘not in our name’.

Indeed It should be remembered that trenchant criticism of Israel by leading Jewish intellectuals accompanied the brutal founding of the Israeli State. In 1948 Albert Einstein, Sidney Hook, and Hannah Arendt, amongst others, published a letter in the New York Times (6) comparing Menachem Begin and his Herut /Freedom/ Likud Party to the Nazi and Fascist parties.

Nor did this critical tradition retreat quickly. In 1958 Martin Buber compared the philosophy behind Zionist/Israeli statism and nationalism (as against Jewish migration) and the expulsion of the Palestinians and refusal of their return (which today we would call ethnic cleansing) as something learned from Adolf Hitler (7).

In this spirit, BRICUP calls for honest forthright criticism by all of Israeli state crimes.

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